Curriculum Vitae


10/2017 – Present
MSc In Politics Research (Comparative Government)
St Antony’s College, University of Oxford

03/2015 – Present
BSc Sustainable Management
Technical University Berlin

09/2016 – 12/2016
Visiting Student
University College London

08/2015 – 12/2015
Visiting Student
City University of Hong Kong

10/2013 – 01/2017
BA Social Sciences
Humboldt University Berlin

Conference Presentations

IDS, University of Sussex, UK
The Politics of Unruly Ruptures Workshop
Invited to present on fuel price protest in Myanmar

University of Oxford, UK
St Antony’s Research-in-Progress Colloquium
“Explaining Youth Activism in (Post-) Authoritarian Settings: Insights from Myanmar”

ECPR Joint Sessions Workshop “Authoritarian Legacies”
University of Nottingham, UK
“An Alternative Assessment: What Protests Can Tell Us About Top-Down Transitions”

International Burma Studies Conference
Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, USA
“Meaningful Liberalization or Liberalized Autocracy? An Empirical View on Civil Liberties in Myanmar’s Transition”

ECPR Graduate Student Conference
University of Tallinn, Estonia
“Is Myanmar Moving Towards Freedom? An Empirical View on Civil Liberties in Political Transition”

Interdisciplinary Myanmar Conference
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
“Liberalisierung in Myanmar: ein empirischer Blick auf politische Teilhaberechte in politischer Transition”

IAPSS World Congress “Challenging Democracy”
Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
“Democratic Change in Myanmar? An Empirical View on Civil Liberties in Transition”

Burma/Myanmar: Taking the Transition to the Next
Lingnan University, Hong Kong
“Democratic Change in Myanmar? An Empirical View on Freedom of Assembly since 2011”

My full CV is available upon request.