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Under Peer-Review:

“Civil Liberties, Protest and Repression in Top-Down Democratization: Evidence from Myanmar (2011-2015)”, under review

“Protest und Demokratisierung in Myanmar: Erste Erkenntnisse aus dem Myanmar Protest Event
Dataset” [Protest and Democratization in Myanmar: First Insights from the Myanmar
Protest Event Dataset], under review

“Introducing the Myanmar Protest Event Dataset: Motivation, Methodology and Research Prospects”,
under review

Other Working Papers:

“What Protests Can Tell Us About Top-Down Democratization: An Alternative Assessment”, working

“Rights, Racism or Environmental Consciousness? Explaining Anti-China Protests in Myanmar”, working

“Explaining Youth Activism in (Post-) Authoritarian Settings: A Case Study from Myanmar”, working

“Intangible Assets of Cyberspace: The Determinants of Internet Domain Name Sales Prices”, working paper

“Money Parking and the Role of Delayed Development for Hong Kong’s Housing Market”, working paper