Peer Reviewed:

Introducing the Myanmar Protest Event Dataset: Motivation, Methodology and Research Prospects,
forthcoming in Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs

Buschmann, A. (2018) Protest und Demokratisierung in Myanmar: Erste Erkenntnisse aus dem Myanmar Protest Event
[Protest and Democratization in Myanmar: First Insights from the Myanmar
Protest Event Dataset], in Asiatische Studien – Études Asiatiques, 72(1), 295-304. [SSRN]

Non-Peer Reviewed:

Energy Protests in Fragile Settings: The Unruly Politics of Provisions in Egypt, Myanmar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, 2007–2017 (with Hossain, Aremu, Chaimite, Gukurume, Javed, da Luz,  Ojebode, Oosterom, Marston, Shankland, Tadros, Taela), in IDS Working Papers, 513, June 2018.

Myanmar: Democratic Progress or Authoritarian Rollback?, in IAPS Dialogue, University of Nottingham, 2017.

Does the data reveal declining dictatorship in Myanmar?, in New Mandala, 2017.

Myanmar Protest Event Dataset, Version: 1.1, GESIS Data Archive, 2017

Myanmar Protest Event Dataset, Version: 1, GESIS Data Archive, 2016

Under Peer Review:

Measuring Postmaterialism Using a Street Survey in Myanmar, under review

Civil Liberties, Protest and Repression in Top-Down Democratization: Evidence from Myanmar (2011-2015), under review

Other Working Papers (available upon request):

What Protests Can Tell Us About Top-Down Democratization: An Alternative Assessment, working

Explaining Youth Activism in (Post-) Authoritarian Settings: A Case Study from Myanmar, working

Sinophobia, Rights-, or Environmental Consciousness? Explaining Anti-China Protests in Myanmar, working

Intangible Assets of Cyberspace: The Determinants of Internet Domain Name Sales Prices, working paper

Money Parking and the Role of Delayed Development in Hong Kong’s Housing Market, working paper