Myanmar Protest Event Dataset

The dataset contents are derived from the most visible forms of assembly (demonstrations, protest marches, and strikes) and were collected via a Protest Event Analysis (PEA) from online newspaper articles. The coding followed to great extent the scheme of the Prodat project, conducted at the WZB Berlin, and includes more than 100 variables ranging from information on the actual moment (size, duration, topic, …) of the protest event to the aftermath (e.g., legal consequences for protesters, successful claims, …).

To download the latest version of the dataset click here: Myanmar Protest Event Dataset (v.1.1)

Please cite as the following (recently updated version):

Buschmann, Andy (2017): Myanmar Protest Event Dataset. Version: 1.1. GESIS Data Archive. Dataset.

I will add “code snippets” for R and STATA shortly that will allow you to reproduce the graphs from my publications. Moreover, there is a methodology paper under review, which elaborates further on the strengths and weaknesses of the dataset. Please contact me if you are interested in the manuscript. Furthermore, please add your email address to the mailing list (see the left sidebar) in order to receive updates on the dataset.