Editor-Reviewed Articles

Commentary and Analysis

Is Violence in Hong Kong’s Protests Turning off Moderates?, in ChinaFile, 11 December 2019.

— Slightly amended version cross-posted: Hong Kong: Have Protester Demographics Changed Following Escalating Violence?, in OxPol, 5 January 2020

Why Do Hong Kong Protesters Use Pepe the Frog as an Icon for Freedom and Democracy?, in ICNC Minds of the Movement, 5 November 2019.

Myanmar: Democratic Progress or Authoritarian Rollback?, in IAPS Dialogue, University of Nottingham, 2017.

Does the data reveal declining dictatorship in Myanmar?, in New Mandala, 2017.

Reports and Publications

Authoritarian Impediments to CSO in Myanmar: Preliminary Results from the Myanmar Civil Society Survey (with Arkar Soe), 2019

Energy Protests in Fragile Settings: The Unruly Politics of Provisions in Egypt, Myanmar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, 2007–2017 (with Hossain, Aremu, Chaimite, Gukurume, Javed, da Luz,  Ojebode, Oosterom, Marston, Shankland, Tadros, Taela), in IDS Working Papers, 513, June 2018.

Book Reviews

Book Review: Adria K. Lawrence (2013), Imperial Rule and the Politics of Nationalism: Anti-Colonial Protest in the French Empire, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013, in PArtecipazione e COnflitto [PArticipation and COnflict], 12(2), 2019.

Book Review: Phansasiri Kularb – Reporting Thailand’s Southern Conflict Mediating Political Dissent (Rethinking Southeast Asia Series), in ASIEN The German Journal on Contemporary Asia, 149, 2019.


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